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Twin Gift Set! Grapefruit & Litsea Cubeba Natural & Vegan Hand Balms

Twin Gift Set! Grapefruit & Litsea Cubeba Natural & Vegan Hand Balms

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Jomingo hand balm keeps your hands moisturized and protected with nature’s plant-based ingredients. Using only premium ingredients sourced from Asia to keep a low carbon footprint and to support regional farmers, our natural hand balms are enriched with cocoa butter to prevent dry hands and skin after frequent washing. Our natural & vegan hand balms contain no alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and other bad stuff.

Made of natural and plant-based ingredients 
Keep your precious hands and skin moisturized after frequent washing 
Ideal for all skin types 
No alcohol, sulfates, parabens and bad stuff 
Reusable packaging 
Unique scent from premium essential oils sourced in Asia


The Scent 

Scent of grapefruit is a refreshing citrus and tangy aroma with a sweet note. The essential oil is cold pressed from the grapefruit citrus rind (peel).


The Scent 

Scent of Litsea Cubeba reminds you of the spa with a lemongrass-like aroma for a hint of fresh spiciness. It is extracted with steam distilled from the Lauraceae (mountain pepper) fruit. 



Cocoa butter, Non-GMO tapioca starch, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, candelilla wax, litsea cubeba essential oil & natural vitamin E.

Made in Singapore

Net weight 50g

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Non Oily Hand Balm
Good product, Personalised service

What’s So Great About Our Ingredients?

Our ingredients are all natural, organic and almost edible! We checked each ingredient against the Environmental Working Group  site (ewg.org) to ensure they are safe for human use and non-toxic to the environment.

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  • Application

    Push up bottom of the tube and rub a thin layer of our deodorant under your arms. Only requires a small amount. 

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