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What’s So Great About Our Natural Ingredients?

Made of organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and premium cocoa butter from the fertile alluvium banks of the Mekong River, these fruits are harvested and processed to maintain the beneficial nutrients which made up the main ingredients of our natural deodorants. 

We use only 100% pure tapioca starch sourced from Southeast Asia which are not genetically modified (non-GMO) and are gluten-free to reap the best of what nature has to offer .By sourcing from our neighbouring countries, we contribute to the welfare of the farmers in our region and their community.

To keep the texture consistent and in a solid state so it can be contained in biodegradable tube, we use a plant-based wax from the leaves of the small candelilla shrub. Instead of using beeswax like most deodorants, we prefer to leave the bees alone. The bees play a very important role in supporting our complex ecosystem by pollinating trees, flowers and plants which all animals and birds depend on them directly and indirectly for food.

To prolong the shelf-life of our deodorants, we do not use artificial preservatives nor alcohol. We use only natural vitamin E derived from sunflower instead of synthetic vitamin E which are generally from petroleum products. We do not want to hurt our Earth anymore. By using natural vitamin E, this is easily absorbed by our skin than synthetic vitamin E.

Our essential oils are carefully and ethically sourced to ensure they are of premium grade. So they are safe and are suitable to be used on the skin after diluting with our finest coconut oil and cocoa butter. We choose essential oils derived from plants, flowers and herbs found in Asia Pacific to minimise the carbon footprint during transportation. The scents of Asia!

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