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Our Story

Adventure of a Lifetime

The idea started in Cuba. As an avid traveler, the founder Jun took a trip to Cayo Coco in search of the most amazing native colony of pink flamingos roaming next to pristine beaches and turquoise water. Perspiring in the friendly heat she is familiar with, she started experiencing rashes on her underarm. Wondering if this could be due to her new deodorant she got for this trip, she took a closer look at the ingredients which she did not pay much attention before and found some of them to pose a threat to human health and the environment. That was how she ditched conventional deodorants and decided to embark on an adventure for a natural solution to her underarm woes.

 cayo coco flamingos

Proudly Made in Singapore

Back in Singapore, she formulated her own deodorant made of only natural and plant-based ingredients for the tropical weather. She tried on herself. To make sure it works well on others, her family and friends tested it. The feedback was positive. An opportunity chanced upon her when she took this up as a business idea for her Capstone project. Not only did she sell her first batch of deodorants at a roadshow in her alma mater, Singapore Management University (SMU), her stall was also graced by the President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob and SMU President, Dr Lily Kong. Jun did a couple more roadshows selling her natural deodorants to the public and the response was encouraging.

smu singapore president

Thoughtfully Crafted

What started as a problem became a business. Yet not all natural deodorants are made the same. Some deodorants that claim to be natural still contain toxic chemicals and most of them come with plastic packaging. She thought about the aspects of her business and how Jomingo could contribute and benefit the community around her. Following her passion to conserve the environment and her love for animals, Jomingo is built based on these core values.


Our Vision

Healthy people on a happy Earth.


Our Mission

To inspire healthy living for all
with no harm to animals and to the environment.



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