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How To Use Our Earth Friendly Tube 🌳

Not only are we an all natural brand but also we use zero plastic packaging. Instead of using plastic containers which are harmful to the environment, we choose an eco-friendly option - biodegradable packaging. Made of FSC-certified material, this is to ensure our packaging are from sustainable sources. 

Push Up Tube

Our eco-friendly push up tube is beautifully designed to bring colours to your everyday life! It’s easy to use!

1. Roll the tube between your hands for 3 seconds to warm up the contents inside

2. Place your finger at the bottom of the tube

3. A gentle push until the content is slightly above the opening of the tube. Not too much as the content may break if used with too much force. 

If you have too much of the content out of the tube, use your clean fingers to push it back. It’s a little effort on our end for a green packaging!🌱


Watch How Simro Uses The Push Up Tube

Enjoy Your Healthy Deodorant
Made For You😁 and Our Earth🌏!