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Our Story

Adventure of a Lifetime

Hello, my name is Jun, and I am the founder of jomingo! My story started a couple of years ago, back in 2018, when I travelled to Cuba. I was there searching for the most attractive flock of pink flamingos that lived there in Cuba's tropical weather. While happily enjoying my time there in the pleasant tropics, I suddenly developed a rash on my underarm. I was genuinely shocked as this had not happened to me before.

I googled around for answers and found instances where others developed a rash from using conventional drug store deodorants. Having been using a similar deodorant throughout this trip, I had my suspicions. Checking the ingredient revealed that my conventional deodorant contained components that were both harmful to humans, as well as the environment, and I was applying it on myself daily! What a shock I had! Since then, I decided to quit using conventional deodorants and instead made it my mission to find a safe, natural solution to underarm odours.

 Jomingo DeodorantJun with her pet cat!

Proudly Made in Singapore

Throughout the many years leading up to Jomingo, I tried and tested many natural deodorants. I observed that many of these natural deodorants, though natural, either had artificial scents or were packaged/ had a plastic component.

As someone who cares for the environment, I thought of how exciting it would be to find all-natural deodorant in completely recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

That's when it hit me. Why not make it myself?

My first ever deodorant was formulated in Singapore and made from all-natural and plant-based ingredients suitable for tropical weather. To see if it worked, I gave it to friends and family to test and give feedback. I also tried it myself to make sure it worked. The feedback from these people was overwhelmingly positive. I was ecstatic.  

A window of opportunity to showcase my product opened when an idea to take it up as a business idea for my capstone project materialized. I sold my first batch of deodorants at a roadshow in my alma mater, Singapore Management University (SMU). This event invited the President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob, and SMU President, Dr Lily Kong, who both notably graced my stall with their presence. Soon after, I did a couple more roadshows showcasing my all-natural deodorants, where I received encouraging responses.

smu singapore president

Thoughtfully Crafted

From rashes in Cuba to the formulation in Singapore, an underarm rash turned into a small business providing a safe and all-natural solution to underarm woes. I began my journey making handmade natural deodorants. Being aware of deodorants conventionally coming in unsustainable packaging, I considered this aspect something I would continue to challenge with my business as it grows. I am also passionate about contributing to the perseverance of the environment and a strong advocate against animal cruelty. These were the two things I wanted my brand to be in line with, and thus I built Jomingo on these 3 core values; vegan, cruelty-free & plastic-free.

Jun with her favourite dog!


Our Vision

Healthy people on a happy Earth.


Our Mission

To inspire healthy living for all
with no harm to animals and to the environment.



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