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The Logo + Packaging Design

The Jomingo Logo

Since the idea sparked during a trip to admire the pink flamingos, the logo has the bird as a mark. The leaf sign which forms the body of the flamingo symbolises the healthy goodness of nature and the significance of sustaining the environment. It is the heart of Jomingo. The leg of the flamingo is a resemblance to the letter “J” which is the first letter of the name of the founder, Jun. Together with letter “J” and the word “flamingo”, it forms the brand Jomingo. 

jomingo logo


Packaging Design

Designed in Singapore, the colourful visual around the deodorant packaging featuring the animals and plants reflects the natural wonders and Jun’s fondness of them. These are the animals she traveled the world to appreciate them roam wild on land and in the waters. With this thought, she hopes this eye-catching packaging can help to spread the message about appreciating nature and the importance to preserve all animals.  


jomingo main visual


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