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Why Choose Jomingo?

Jomingo is made with you, the animals and our Earth in mind 

jomingo natural deodorant



Jomingo only uses 100% natural ingredients and we make sure that each ingredient is thoroughly checked against the standards of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) site. Our brand supports and advocates the life and importance of humans and the environment and we ensure that our products do not cause any harm to both. Jomingo only uses high-quality ingredients from reputable suppliers who adhere to the finest standards of Singapore in formulating deodorants and hand balms that are healthy for you and your loved ones.


The Animals

No animal's life is worth sacrificing in the name of beauty and comfort. Our all-natural and vegan deodorant and hand balms are crafted without any animal-derivatives. There's no harm caused to animals in the production. We pride ourselves in using premium ingredients without compromising any animals and their habitats. Our products are safe and suitable for everyone, even vegans! And because our ingredients are plant-based, we only tested them on humans to keep our animal friends smiling!


Our Earth

Jomingo is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical brand. We support the campaign to preserve our planet! Due to the low recycling rate in Asia, we only use biodegradable and reusable materials in all forms of packaging from the mailer box to the deodorants and hand balms container. To reduce carbon footprint, we only sourced our ingredients from nearby countries in Asia so transportation is kept to a minimum. This would also guarantee the freshness of the ingredients as they are obtained as close as possible to the manufacturing facility in Singapore.