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7 Things That Can Be Repurposed at Home

7 Things That Can Be Repurposed at Home
Turn A Broken Bicycle Into a Pot and Pan Rack
    You can create hanging storage for your pots and pans using old bicycles. You don't need the entire bicycle, just the wheel. You just have to attach the hanging hardware to the wheel so that you can affix it to the ceiling. Then add the hooks for your pots and pans.

    Turn Broken Ladders Into Bookshelves

      If you have an old wooden ladder, don't just throw it out. Instead, take it apart and use the two sections as matching bookshelves. You can put books or collectibles on each rung.

      Turn A Broken Suitcase Into A Table

        You can create a great table attaching legs to the suitcase. It's also a great storage idea if you have a small living room space.

         Make A Kitchen Utensil Holder From A Broken Rake

        You can utilize the rake part to make an extremely slick and looking holder for kitchen utensils. Simply balance it on the divider and stick your spoons and scoops on it. You can also use it for holding devices in the carport or apparatus shed and you don't generally need to tidy it up for that.

          Make A Wineglass Holder From A Broken Rake

          The areas of the rake top are ideal for holding stemmed dishes and it gives you an incredible nation look.

           Create Stuffed Animals From Turn Gloves

            This is an incredible task to start for the Christmas season as these little cuties make superb presents for all the children. This is nice to do if your gloves have the fingertips missing. Before you throw them away, you can turn them into cute dollies with a little sewing.

                Turn A Broken Bed Into A Bench

            You can make a bench using the bed’s headboard and footboard by attaching them together. Create the seat and then paint it. Just add a cushion and you now have something to sit on.