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Reasons to switch to Natural Deodorants

Reasons to switch to Natural Deodorants

                            Reasons to switch to Natural Deodorants

Have you heard of all the fads about Natural Deodorants? It's been everywhere! People are starting to switch using from the good old commercial deodorants to all-natural deodorants. There's been so much talk and debate between the traditional deodorants and natural deodorants. Sure, more and more people are now keen to live healthier and cleaner. But why deodorants? Are they worth it? 


We break down some of the reasons people switch to Natural Deodorants. 


  • They don't want sweat stains


The typical deodorants contain too many chemicals that are present in drugstore deodorants. They hide the body odour using these chemicals. However, the downside of it is a big problem - the nasty yellow stains. 


  • There are some chemicals that are carcinogens


Traditional deodorants contain aluminium. And one of the reasons people switch to natural deodorants is because there are some chemicals that are carcinogen which as the potential to cause cancer.


  • Natural deodorants contain plant-based ingredients


Moisturizers are plant-based which means you are giving your underarm the gentle care it should have. Other ingredients may include shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and cocoa butter which can help improve the appearance of the skin. 


  • Natural deodorants won't block your pores


Typical deodorants block pores so you can reduce your sweat. Natural deodorants leave the good bacteria to do their job to help reduce the odour even without deodorants. 


  • They don't like parabens


Parabens have been a popular word these days. But the connotation isn't that good. Some say parabens that are commonly used in skincare products and other cosmetics are harmful to the body. 


  • It's a good alternative


They switch because they want to give their skin a break from using too many chemicals on your skin. 


  • They want to live clean and green


Natural deodorants much like other natural-made personal care products are greener for the environment.  No parabens or petrochemicals are present in these kinds of products. Since they are naturally-derived, the process of manufacturing does not destroy or pollute the environment.