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The Popularity Of Natural Deodorants

The Popularity Of Natural Deodorants

These days, most people are well-educated and well-informed, thanks to the media. And in the most recent years, people are becoming more and more aware of what they eat, use or do. The trend of a healthy lifestyle including eating organic foods and using natural products has much been apparent.

Skincare products are not an exception. People are getting more conscious of what to put on their skin. Many people turn to investigate the products they use in everyday life to try to uncover if they could be dangerous. Cancer and Alzheimer's disease are the two most popular fears for skincare products.

Some studies suggest that using aluminum in antiperspirants causes abnormal cell growth that becomes cancer tumors. Because of this widespread fears, business brands started creating aluminum-free products made of natural ingredients. And they have likely taken over the shelves of groceries and drugstores since then.

The main thing about natural deodorants isn't the good smell or the environmentally friendly packaging but the fact that it does not contain potentially harmful ingredients that have been pointed by researchers as ones to be cautious of.

Here are other benefits of using natural deodorants:

  • Environmentally-friendly

Products made from traditional ingredients can have negative effects on the environment. Ingredients for natural health and beauty products are farmed and manufactured organically, there are fewer chemicals involved in the process.

  • No irritation

Harmful chemicals like artificial colors and fillers in skin care products can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Natural makeup, skincare products, and body products work with your skin instead of against it.

  • Gentle to your nose

Traditional deodorants use artificial fragrances to cover the smell of other chemicals. Natural health and beauty products scented with natural essential oils can even provide aromatherapy.

  • No strange side effects

Parabens are present in conventional deodorants, as it is used to extend the shelf life of products. Parabens, however, are synthetic and mimic your body's natural hormones. Some research suggests this can alter the functions of your body's endocrine system. Natural health and beauty products use natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, that won't affect your body.

  • Gentle over time

Natural products don't contain unnecessary fillers or irritants. Over the long-term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage.