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Why is Earth Hour so important to us?

Why is Earth Hour so important to us?
Earth Hour happens every last Sunday of March. In light of bringing awareness of nature loss and climate change, the world turns off its lights at 8:30 pm for 1 hour.

By switching off the lights, the stark contrast of the usually bright city skylines gets people talking and thinking about the climate crisis and nature loss. Though 1 hour does not have any significant impact, on solving climate change, it serves as a time to reflect on how fortunate we are and how we have neglected our climate and nature.

This year's Earth Hour is especially important it occurs right before the United Nations Conference for Nature and Biodiversity (UN CBD COP 15), where world leaders come to meet to discuss actions that they can lead their country to, to ain for a healthier, sustainable and brighter future. This can only happen if these leaders choose to commit to preserving nature and biodiversity loss by 2030.

This year's earth hour presents itself as an important and serious opportunity to push world leaders into action.

During this conference, the state of nature and biodiversity will be discussed, and plans to preserve and improve it will be made for the next 10 years, these plans will not only impact our future, but the future of generations to come.
The goal for this conference is to secure a strong commitment of the world leaders to reverse the loss of our nature and biodiversity

Not only is nature our biggest provider, but it is also our strongest ally against the climate crisis. Unless serious urgent steps are taken to protect nature, the world's temperatures could rise massively which would cause irreversible damage to our planet.

Happening just weeks before the CBD COP 15, Earth Hour is a crucial opportunity to put the spotlight on this conference and build the global momentum needed to pressure world leaders into action. Join us and make a statement! Turn off your lights at 8:30 pm on the 26th of March.

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