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Why is Vegan Skincare better for you and the environment?

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All our products, from our deodorants to our hand balms, are vegan and cruelty-free skincare. Most of us understand the term "vegan" as something to do with diet, whereby those on vegan diets do not consume animal-derived products. Veganism, however, also plays a part in the products vegans use, whether it be things like beauty products, skin care products or soaps. Those who subscribe to the vegan lifestyle mostly hold to this way of life, seeking to lead a completely vegan lifestyle. These include the food they eat as well as the products that they use.

Well, you're wondering what benefits vegan skincare reaps to have these vegans compelled to put in the extra effort in changing their lifestyle. We have the answer for you. We summarise the benefits of vegan skincare into three categories: personal health, animal cruelty concerns, environmental concerns.

Many vegans choose this lifestyle for personal health reasons, whereby sensitivity to certain chemicals and foods like meats in conventional diets cause gut health issues or skin irritation like eczema. Animal-derived ingredients aren’t known to be ethically sourced. How these ingredients are acquired, whether cruelty is present or not remains relatively unknown and hard to trace, especially in longer supply chains. These non-vegan products also leave a larger carbon footprint that has a big negative impact on the planet. Thus, many vegans choose to consume completely vegan products, instead of taking the risk and feeding into a potentially animal cruel industry.

Our vegan deodorants and hand balms are prime examples of vegan skincare. Our ingredients are all plant-based, not one derived from animals. On top of being vegan, our products are cruelty-free and plastic-free. They are also all-natural, with no added unnecessary chemicals, like aluminum or parabens.

Our deodorants use oils, waxes and starch derived from plants, and any essential oils added are additionally certified organic. Our vegan hand balms similarly make use of 100% plant-based ingredients with certified organic essential oils. On top of that, the packaging for our deodorants is in an FSC certified paper tube.

We do all this with wanting the best for the environment, animals, and people in mind.


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