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9 Ten Ways To Reuse Our Cotton Drawstring Bag

Is it possible to live in a plastic-free world? 

Yes, it is! It might be difficult at first but Jomingo can help! 

At times, reusing materials is better and easier. To help you and our Earth, we add reusable bags in our packaging instead of the conventional ones that are made from materials that are harmful to our environment. 

Here are 9 easy and fun ways to reuse our cotton drawstring bags:

  • Pencil Case

When pens and pencils are all over your desk, use this bag instead of buying a pencil case.

  • Bread, sandwich, and pastries bag

People would typically use plastics as sandwich bags and storage for bread and pastries from a bakery. Use this bag instead! You won't have to deal with sticky and messy plastics anymore. 

  • Electronics pouch

If you want to keep your cables and USB Drives clean and protected, use this bag. Keep on losing these cables? Stash them all on one pouch! 

  • Mini Lunch Bag

Going out for a quick lunch? Use this as a mini bag to put your money, cards, and keys without tagging your large bag along.

  • Chope Table (for those in Singapore)

You don't have to worry when you're out of tissue paper to chope your table at a food court, use this bag instead!

  • Travel Bag

When traveling, keep your socks and underwear organized in this bag. No more worries about losing them inside your own luggage! 

  • Jewelry Pouch

Store all your knick-knacks and other small stuff such as rings, earrings, and bracelets all in one place to keep clean and from losing.

  • Board Games/ Toys Container

Your scrabble tiles and Legos are all over the place? Put them all in one bag so you won't lose them!

  • Glove

Use this a glove to cover your hands when you don't want to get them stained or dirty. 


There are more ways to reuse this bag!

Give this bag a second chance by making it useful!


If you have another idea on how we can reuse this bag, feel free to post it on Instagram and tag us! 



Our reusable cotton bags are produced in India by female entrepreneurs!