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Warmer, sweatier season is here!

Now that Daylight Savings is here and spring has begun, this brings about a change in season for warmer weather! 


Increasingly hotter warm seasons are a trend and we understand the feeling of sweat rolling down your back and being terrified of smelling funky this spring and summer. We know you're reaching for that deodorant the moment you get ready to go out for the day!


Sometimes, deodorants you have been using the previous years begin to stop working as effectively. Signalling a sign of your body's microbiome changing, don't worry this is entirely normal! What you'll have to do is simply look for another deodorant that works for you. We'd encourage you to use something natural that's both safe for you and the environment. 


Other times, you notice that your underarms begin to itch or rash or even darken when you put on deodorant. Maybe you haven't recognised that this could be because of the deodorant you use, but did you know that this may be a sign that you may be sensitive or allergic to ingredients in your deodorant? Conventional deodorants have harsh chemical components that are often irritant to the skin. 


The most common trigger is the chemical fragrances, followed by parabens and propylene glycol in your deodorant! These triggers are the top causes of contact dermatitis, where your skin gets red, bumpy, itchy or blistering. 


The best way to avoid these is to stop the use of your current deodorant and find better, safer and healthier alternatives like natural deodorants! 



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