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Why should you choose natural lip balms?

If you're a lip balm user, you've accidentally eaten bits of whatever lip balms you wear. You probably don't even think twice when it happens, as most lip balms are toxic-free and safe for consumption in small amounts due to the nature of the product being on your lips.


However, do you ever wonder if consuming too much of your lip balms is dangerous or harmful to your body? Especially with chemicals like petroleum, which should not be consumed, we'd rather not take the risk!


The fragrances of lip balms are also a factor to consider. Artificial fragrances are dangerous, and exposure to too much of it often causes headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation and nausea. They are the number 1 cause for allergic reactions to cosmetic products, not only for the users but also those who smell them. In addition, the commonly found phthalates chemicals often found in artificial fragrances are known to disrupt hormones!


We avoid these by using natural lip balms. A plant-based and natural ingredient lip balm can save you from a lifetime of worries of risks. The reassurance that you are not consuming chemicals that are not tried long enough to know their impact is definitely worth the money.


While the natural fragrance of lip balms may not last as long or smell as strong, it is a safer, better option. We recommend choosing lip balms with minimal amounts of organic, plant-based essential oils that are safe for humans to smell too!


Artificial chemicals and fragrances in lip balms can cause a variety of issues. Best avoid these problems by going natural!



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