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Using Natural Deodorant Stick For The First Time?

Using Natural Deodorant Stick For The First Time?

A natural deodorant is exactly the way its name sounds — it’s a deodorant formulated using only natural ingredients. Ingredients which you are probably familiar with such as cocoa butter, baking soda, coconut oil and tapioca starch to name a few. Typically, to be called “natural,” a deodorant would be formulated without toxic chemicals such as aluminium, sulfate and paraben. Sounds good isn’t it? So what can you expect when you use natural deodorant for the first time?



When you first get your natural deodorant stick for the first time, the ingredient list on the packaging looks familiar to you. They are probably some ingredients that you find in your kitchen or your taste buds are familiar with. When you open the cap and feel the texture for the first time, it feels strange to you especially when you are switching from a conventional deodorant to a natural one. That’s because the deodorants are made of natural ingredients. Just like food made of natural ingredients, you may expect inconsistent texture but be assured that quality remains the same. The inconsistency is due to nature of the ingredients or the changes in the temperature that affect the state. Take for example the coconut oil which solidifies when it is cold and turns to liquid at room temperature.



Most natural deodorants use essential oils instead of artificial fragrances that are chemically formulated. Although essential oils are not as strong as chemically formulated fragrances, they reminiscent the smell of nature like walking in the woods or a bunch of flowers. Depending on the dilution of the essential oils, the fragrance of natural deodorant may last a couple of hours. These essential oils derived from concentrated plants, flowers and herbs that are carefully extracted to maintain the benefits of what Mother Nature has given to us. Using essential oils as fragrances is beneficial not just for the inspiring aroma but also for their advantages such as their antibacterial function, mood booster and skin improvement.



Some natural deodorants come in plastic and some in biodegradable packaging. It’s important to know that if you are into natural products, you may also want to pay attention to the packaging used. Chemicals in plastic may leech into the content ie. your precious natural deodorant and this defeats the purpose of using a natural deodorant. Also, if you love nature and care for the environment, think about choosing a natural deodorant that does not come in plastic. You are also helping to reduce the dependency of petroleum that are used to make these plastic packagings which lead to pollution. Whatever you buy makes an impact no matter how small.

With all these benefits of using natural deodorant, are you ready to make the switch to a natural deodorant and make a difference not only to your body but also to the environment?