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Based on 141 reviews
Good product

Not wet which might leave traces. Fresh feeling after applying.

Cute and functional! Love it :)

Love the smell and that it reduces my natural ordour

Got the deodorant for my husband's birthday n he loves it ...will buy more

Such a generous size!

I used to use Burt's Bees & Badger Sleep Balm and I thought it was already fairly priced. Jomingo's balm is 50g and only $15? oh my.
I am aware that this does not have beeswax, but the product works the same. I use it for my dry elbows and also to moisturise my tattoos.

Smells amazing and absorbs well into my skin. I've already introduced so many friends.

Works really well!

My bf used this and it was even more effective and long wearing than commercial deodorants. This smells amazing like hints of candy on your armpit.
If you have long nails like me then use your knuckles to push the product up.

Jomingo Grapefruit

Love the grapefruit smell which is not that strong.
It lasted a whole day without making my armpits smell bad!

Love it and will buy again!!

Bought this as gifts for a few friends. Smells very nice, well package and a good choice for gifts as itsall natural, less chance of allergic reaction.

Lovely Scents, Easy Application!

Tried the Grapefruit deo first, it was very effective to reduce my sweat odour. The grapefruit scent was mild, in a good way because I don't like overpowering scents. Application was easy, just requiring a few swipes on the underarm after showering.

Love how it smells!

Smells great - like mint ice cream - with a slight cooling sensation. Love how it doesn't stain my clothes and leaves my pits dry and smelling great!

Love the smell and happy with the texture of the hand balm! Super glad to find something that is non-toxic for both humans and environment, and made in Singapore :D

Perhaps can consider option for customers to opt out of extra box packaging and cotton bag? Looking to reduce (over reuse and recycle).

Loving Tea Tree & Mint

Have previously bought Jomingo deodorants but in other scents / unscented, and was stoked that I tried the Tea Tree & Mint scent this time! Its a lovely refreshing scent while leaving a subtle tingly and invigorating sensation when applied! Also love the new size and longer tub design!

Not greasy and carries a light natural fragrant

Love the smell, love the moisture barrier it creates

It being a balm the texture might feel a bit tacky to start with but it soon absorbs into the skin. Leaving behind a nice mint fragrance. The bonus of it being balm is that it leaves a nice moisture barrier that is not that easily washed away by repeated handling of soap/detergent. (I'm a mum of 3 with no helper so I'm constantly washing stuff!). Would definitely buy again :)

Smell So Good and Feel Abit Mint Feeling

Thumbs up

Easy to push up the deodorant on 1st use. Feels clean and odourless throughout the day.

Earth-friendly Deodorant

Great product to try for a first-timer, not entirely disappointed. Product may come off crumbly/flakey upon application (esp. the unscented one), but expected due to its natural substances. Slight pleasing scent from the unscented one, yummy scent from Grapefruit. However scent won't last all day long, if you're the sweaty type. But not sticky or uncomfortable upon reapplication.

[TO REMOVE] Twin Set! Grapefruit & Litsea Cubeba Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
Jomingo deodorant

I always used rexona & nivea roll on but after used in this hot weather, armpits got more sweaty & the smell goes to the clothes and left the odors behind. After using this, no more sweaty armpits or leftover odors smell on the clothes. I even made my 2 kids wore them especially the one in school having her cca. She never come back with sweaty and smelly armpits anymore. I'm happy with the purchase. And certainly recommend it

Support local - Will repurchase

First time trying natural / plant based deodorant and was not disappointed! Smells great without being cloying or artificial. Super long lasting and effective at keeping pits dry and eliminating any unwanted odours! I have tried numerous products like salt crystal and even famous Japanese deodorants and none have worked as well as Jomingo. Quite easy to use once you get the hang of it (need to find the right spot at the bottom of the tube to push up). There may be some residue as you apply since its a balm but easy to smooth it out and disappear into the skin, so not an issue there. Will definitely repurchase!

Awesome Deodorant with Fantastic Scent

I had recently purchased the tea tree and mint natural deodorant from Jomingo, as I have been wanting to give natural deodorant a try for the longest time. I jumped at the chance on Jomingo when I stumble upon it during one of my reads and I was so glad that I did. This deodorant is AMAZING, it works perfectly even in the extreme humid climate here, plus the scent is exquisite! I am already considering in getting both Grapefruit and Litsea Cubeba Deodorant and would definitely for people who wants to delve into the world of natural deodorants!

[TO REMOVE] Twin Set! Grapefruit & Litsea Cubeba Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
My mom loves it!

Got the bundle to share with my mom and she loves the switch from anti-perspirant!

Great product

Introduced my son to natural deodorant and he's loving the scent. Not sticky and easy on his skin. The packaging was nice though it got stuck and we're having a hard time pushing it up.

Fantastic deodorant

I recently ordered the tea tree and mint natural deodorant from Jomingo, as I have been using natural deodorants for a while now but have always had to look abroad to find them. Having seen that Jomingo is a local company in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Needless to say I was not disappointed! This deodorant works perfectly, even in the very humid climate here, and the scent is glorious. I will definitely be purchasing more of this and recommend for anyone delving into the world of natural deodorants.

Really good product!

Not a usual review person, bt I think this product deserves a shout out! Pretty long lasting and love tht it's environmentally friendly!

Works if you have enough of it applied

I like it. My first foray into the natural deodorant world. The stick was a little hard, and nothing or minimal was getting applied to my skin. I resorted to scooping it into a jar and applying it using my fingers. It works, as long as you apply enough of it. Size seems like it'll last me a while, and I got my 2 sticks with the earth day offer. Happy with the light earthy smell of my unscented version.