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Deodorant grape fruit

It helps with my daughter odor. And suitable with her skin as she has sensitive skin.

Effective natural deodorant

I really like this deodorant because its formula works really well for me and it washes off clothes and underarms easily after use

Great product!

Loves this deodorant as no harmful chemicals on them.
Already on my third tube and I must say I dont’t have any skin irritation since using this.
Still smells okay on me after few hours usage.

Travel sized deodorant

Got a set to try and I'm hooked! Nice smell and it really does help with the odour. Size is great to throw in bag and bring around should you need to "touch up" . Really worth the buy.
PS: i got myself 2 of the large sizes as they are really amazing!!

Great natural deodorant

Smells good and long lasting

Works great!

Works great and proves that plastic casing or nasty chemicals are not necessary in a deodorant. Also like that it’s supporting local Singapore business, will buy again :)

(Bought both Grapefruit and Tea Tree, Grapefruit is my favourite)

It's great!

The lip balm is moisturizing without being too "sticky" and tacky. What's even better is the great grapefruit scent! Citrus scent lovers will absolutely fall in love with this product. I also love the packaging design!

I use the balm as shaving cream

I get razor cuts easily and water based creams make the razor blades rust, so since this balm is water free, i decided to use this hand balm as shaving cream. It works well and leaves your underarms soft!

I now love natural deodorants

This is my first time trying natural deodorants, and as someone who sweats and smells a lot, I was quite scared. Thankfull, it worked really well for me. Also, it does not leave those unwashable yellow stains on white shirts that normal deos do.

Actually works really well!

I swapped from rexona and nivea spray deodorants to these that were gifted to me. The formula really works for me, and it lasts for the whole day. It does not leave a weird sweat deodorant mixed smell that normal deodorants usually leave on me. It also washes off easily as compared to the sprays I used to use that would build up on my under arms and i had to literally scratch it off.

So moisturising!

Holy moly moisturising! Smells great, a mild scent not too overpowering, smells like a spa very soothing love love love xxx

I really love this deodorant. It suit my sensitive skin well. already repeat order for three times. will be my forever underarm "perfume" Grapefruit is nicer than tea tree for me. but overall all Jomingo products are great!

Gift Twin Set 50g! Grapefruit & Tea Tree and Mint Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
Happy sweet smelling guilt free pits!

Ordered the grapefruit one previously, really liked it. So i ordered the tea tree one as well this time. In terms of scent, i prefer grapefruit. But somehow the tea tree one feels gentler and not as tough as the grapefruit one. But generally, I like using both and it's great feeling being plant based even on non-eating products. Smells good and feels less guilty! Happy. Thank you!

Good value

The deodorant is very moisturising, and has a soft scent that lasts over the whole day. It's not an antiperspirant, which is great! It doesn't irritate my underarms at all. The mint and tea tree is probably my favourite scent, it's really clean and fresh!

The only downside is the formula is really soft, and bunches up/stain clothes easily if you don't take time to rub it in. Still, very happy with the product as a whole!

Mini Travel Sized Deodorant Trio Grapefruit, Unscented & Tea Tree and Mint Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants

Aluminium-free Natural Deodorant Stick 40g

Easy to apply. Very faint smell (at least you know your applied something). Product packaging is very good!
Hope no more pit stain on the under shirt!

The Mint Scent

The mint scent makes the whole day feels fresh :)

Love the Mint Scent

The mint scent makes the whole day feel fresh :)

Gift Trio Set 50g! Grapefruit, Unscented & Tea Tree and Mint Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
Haida Ali

Gift Trio Set 50g! Grapefruit, Unscented & Tea Tree and Mint Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants

Gift Twin Set! Grapefruit & Unscented Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
Ivan Yeo
No more odour anymore

Even when I perspire, it still stays with me the whole day!

Jomingo Lip Balm

Natural feel and not oily. Seems to be long lasting protection. Only suggestion would be to make the packaging slimmer. Understand that might make the roll on tougher to access however. Great new product to accompany the natural deodorants.

Great product

Lovely scent, great packaging and effective.

Great product!

The product works really great...it doesnt feel wet on the skin when applying which is good cause sometimes it can leave stains on the clothes...and I applied some before gng for my workout yesterday and it felt really clean and odourless even after my workout....I would say the only downside is having to knock the product down to push it back inside but then again thats just a minor issue

Loved it!

The Jomingo deodorants are amazing in quality , and also it’s based on plants, harmless for the body. Loved the scent!

Gift Twin Set! Grapefruit & Unscented Aluminium Free Natural Deodorants
Nam Ha Ngoc
Good product

Not wet which might leave traces. Fresh feeling after applying.