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5 Ways To Be A Green Traveler This Holiday🧳♻️🌱✈️🚰🧴🚙🏖🌏

5 Ways To Be A Green Traveler This Holiday🧳♻️🌱✈️🚰🧴🚙🏖🌏

This is the time of the year when most people will take a break and travel for the holidays. Yet traveling can impact the environment in some way. If you plan to minimise your carbon footprint while expanding your horizon to see the world, here are 5 ways on how you can play your part to be a green traveler. All it takes is an adjustment to your traveling attitude! Who knows but you may set an example to others and create a green ripple effect ♻️

1. Pack Light 🧳

Lesser luggage means lesser energy is required to transport your luggage. Your form of transportation requires petroleum and resources to take you and your bags from point A to point B. Work out what you intend to wear each day based on your activities so you won’t overpack. If you find yourself running out of clothes, bring along some detergent to give it a good wash.

2. Offset Your Flight Carbon Footprint ✈️

To fight climate change, most airlines are now offering carbon offset option to compensate for your emissions. In return the contribution for your carbon offset is used to reduce carbon dioxide in other means such as planting trees in other parts of the world.

3. Reuse Your Water Bottle On The Road🚰

Instead of buying bottled water while you are on the road, consider packing a reusable bottle so you can fill it up. During stops, you may request for a refill at the café and restaurants as you proceed to your destination. If this is not possible, consider purchasing a bigger bottle of water to reduce the number of plastic bottles used. 

4. Pick Up Litter While On The Beach 🏖

While enjoying yourself on the beach or in the sea, you may notice rubbish especially plastics floating around in the sea or on the beach. It requires little effort to pick the litter and throw them right in the bin so they don’t end up in a marine life’s stomach.

5. Reuse At Your Accommodation 🧴

Most hotels provide complimentary amenities for their guests. They are disposed after a one-time use thereby contributing to the growing plastic waste problem we are already facing. Instead, bring your own refillable toiletries. Also, try to reuse your towels and bedsheets so less water and energy are used to replace them.