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Let’s get your questions answered.


How do I apply Jomingo deodorant?
As a company who believes in no plastic packaging, we use a push-up paper tube made of biodegradable material printed with soy ink.

1. Gently push both edges of the base until you feel it move up
2. Then with a small push in the middle of the base, adjust the base up until the deodorant is slightly above the opening of the tube.
3. Swipe one to two layers of deodorant on your underarms
4. Wait for 5 mins for your skin to absorb the natural goodness of the deodorant

What happens if too much deodorant is pushed up? How do I want to retract it into the tube?
If you happen to push up more deodorant than you need, it will take the least effort by using a piece of clean tissue paper, place it on the top of the deodorant and push it back into the tube and clean off the excess deodorant (or just apply the excess on your hands to moisturize them). After all, it’s a simple action for a biodegradable packaging in exchange of a plastic twist-up deodorant container that remains on our planet for thousands of years. 

I noticed that the deodorant tube is already pushed up. Why is that so?
The deodorant is pushed up to the edge of the packaging so you can easily access the deodorant quickly upon opening it. So you only have to push the deodorant again when you need more. 

How much should I use each time?
Just swipe one to two layers of the deodorant on each underarm. Give your skin 5 mins to absorb the natural goodness of the deodorant before donning your clothes

How often do I apply the deodorant?
Once a day after showering will be enough to last you for a day’s out. We understand that every body’s different so if you feel you need to apply another time, just repeat the process.

What is the expiry date?
Our manufacturing date is printed on the base of the deodorant tube. Our product is lab-tested by a professional third-party. As there is absolutely no water in the ingredients that could inhibit bacteria, it has a two-year shelf life. As this is an all-natural deodorant, we recommend you use up the deodorant within 6 months of opening to ensure the freshness of the deodorant.

Is Jomingo organic?
Our ingredients are made of up 100% natural and food grade ingredients. So it’s almost edible! One of our main ingredients, the unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil is certified as organic.

Why is the texture different when I put the deodorant in the fridge or when the temperature is low?
Our deodorants contain virgin coconut oil which hardens at cold temperature due to the natural fatty acids. Therefore you will notice a change in the texture of our deodorant. Isn’t nature amazing?

How should I store my deodorant?
Like the flamingos, Jomingo deodorants are made for the tropics. You may keep the deodorant at room temperature.

If I have sensitive skin, can I use your deodorant?
Our deodorant is made up of natural ingredients without any harsh and toxic chemicals so it’s great for all skin types. However, some people may be sensitive to some ingredients. If you encounter any irritation to your skin, please discontinue it and reach out to us as

Is your deodorants suitable for kids?
Our deodorant is definitely healthier than the conventional deodorants made of synthetic ingredients and chemicals. If you are planning to get a deodorant for your kid, why not try our natural deodorants which are safer? 

Are all your deodorants suitable for vegans?
Yes they are! We formulated our deodorants to make them suitable for everyone regardless of their beliefs. As an animal-loving company, we do not believe in harming any animals to compromise the ingredients of our deodorants.

Are your deodorants free of animal testing?
We only tested our deodorants on humans. So no animals were harmed in any way.

Which country is your product made in?
Proudly made in Singapore! We uphold the highest manufacturing standard of Singapore with SGS certification. Our deodorant are professionally manufactured in a sterile environment.

What is your packaging made of?
Our packaging is biodegradable and printed with soy ink instead of ordinary ink which are toxic to you and the environment.

How can I try out your deodorant?
To try them out, we recommend our travel-sized deodorants which are small enough to put them in your pocket or purse! 

Does your deodorant stain clothes?
As this is a natural deodorant, we recommend to wait 5 minutes for your skin to absorb the deodorant before donning your clothes. For the sake of your health and for our planet, this is better than chemical-based deodorants in plastic packaging or in cans.


I change my mind. May I get a refund?
We suggest you try out our deodorants to get a great healthy experience for your underarms and you will not regret! If you still feel that these deodorants do not suit you for some reason, please send us an email to and we will be happy to help you out.

Still cannot find the answer you are looking for? Send us an email at!