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Jomingo UK Natural Deodorants on Amazon

Joming's Natural Deodorants have recently become accessible to those eco-conscious individuals who live in the United Kingdom!

Here's what's unique to our deodorants:

Our deodorants and balms are made with a hundred per cent natural ingredients and only the necessary ingredients. Our ingredients are also high quality, sourced from tropical countries close to Singapore, to keep a low carbon footprint. Some of our deodorants have scents. Unlike other natural deodorants that have artificial, chemical fragrances, our natural scents are from certified organic essential oils of various plants.

Our ingredients are all things that you can easily find in food, like cocoa butter, coconut oil and tapioca starch! All our products are fully plant-based and ethically and sustainably sourced. It is safe for vegans as it is 100% vegan. No beeswax, no chemicals, no alcohol.

Aside from our ingredients, we also believe in playing a part in reducing single-use plastics and glass roll-on deodorant packaging as each year, an exponential amount of plastic ends up being dumped into the ocean. Instead of cheap plastics, we choose to use FCS approved paper push up tubes that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our packaging is also a compact design, reducing all excessive or wasteful packaging space. Our colourful print showing the diversity of our planet, is printed with non-toxic ink that is better for the environment. Our hand balm tins are also filled to the brim to cut out excess space in our packaging. It is also easily reusable after a quick wash, and we encourage our customers to reuse these hand balm tins to store their trinkets.

Our company's moral believes are that animals should not be tested on or exploited for ingredients. We are anti-animal testing so all our products are only tested and tried on humans! Our deodorants are also compliant with the EU cosmetic regulations.

We are now available in the United Kingdom through Amazon UK!