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Safety of our Organic Essential Oils

Safety of our Organic Essential Oils

Everyone loves essential oils as they are a safer form of fragrance and are more natural than chemical fragrances that easily irritate. 


However, did you know that some essential oils are harmful if used improperly? Severe allergy reactions, throat tightening and difficulty breathing are some symptoms you may experience if you directly consume certain essential oils that may be toxic! 


Misusing these oils through over applying, over smelling and consuming essential oils can cause a mirage of issues, so it is important to be well informed on the proper usage of essential oils.


Firstly, understand that the benefits of aromatherapy are evident through the countless studies conducted. Inhaling certain essential oils like lavender may improve the quality of your sleep. Inhaling sweet orange essential oil can help ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. Using inhalation or diffusion can help treat respiratory issues and help you manage your mood!


Secondly, some essential oils, like tea tree, are perfectly safe when used on the skin but very harmful when consumed. People use topical oils for healing their skin or for pain relief. However, if administered improperly, rashes and other side effects may occur. 


Most essential oils need to be diluted into a safe concentration to prevent adverse reactions. As a general rule of thumb, you should keep concentration levels of essential oils below 5%. You can dilute it with carrier oils which help to spread these essential oils over a larger surface area. Carrier oils are your typical vegetable-based oils like olive oil. To be safe, you can also carry out a skin patch test! 


Some essential oils like Tea Tree (unoxidised), lavender and rose can be used with or without dilution, while others like lemongrass and citronella must be diluted. 


Our scented deodorants, hand balms and lip balms all have high graded certified organic essential oils. They are, however, witin The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) safe standards! This is so that it is extra safe for use and compliant with the European Union Cosmetics Compliance, which factors in these risks, and considers the types of safe essential oils! 

Stay safe and educated while using your essential oils! 



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