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🔟 Ten Ways To Reuse Our Cotton Drawstring Bag

Isn’t it lovely to live in a plastic-free world? Instead of wrapping our products in plastic, we put them in eco-friendly reusable cotton drawstring bags which you have many ways of reusing them!

Here are the ten different ways: 

1. Pencil Case

You won’t need to buy a pencil case. This bag can store all your stationery. 

2. Bread, Sandwich and Pastries Bag

Use it to store your bread, sandwich and pastry instead of using the little plastic bags provided by the bakery shop.

3. Electronics Pouch

Keep losing your cables or USB drives? Stash all of them in one pouch.

4. Mini Lunch Bag

Use it a mini bag to store your money, cards and keys for a short lunch break without tagging your large bag along.

5. Chope Table (for those in Singapore!)

Run out of tissue paper to chope your table at a food court? Try using this bag. 

6. Tea Strainer

Instead of buying a tea strainer, use this bag to make a perfect cup of tea.

7. Travel Bag

Keep your socks or underwear organised in this bag when you travel.

8. Jewellery Pouch

Store all your nik naks such as your rings, earrings and bracelets in one place.

9. Board Games/Toys Container

Put all your Scrabble tiles in one bag or your Legos so you won’t lose another. 

10. Glove

Don’t want to get your hand stain or dirty for some reason, our bags can be used as a glove. 

And the list goes on and on. 

Give this bag a second chance by making it useful!

If you have another idea on how we can reuse this bag, feel free to post it on Instagram and tag us! 



Our reusable cotton bags are produced in India by female entrepreneurs!