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What Has They Gotta Say?

What Has They Gotta Say?

From humble beginnings to small and big successes, Jomingo has come a long way since it started to take off a little over a year ago.

It all started from a trip to Cuba searching for pink Flamingos. The founder wished for a solution that most of us encounter. She embarked on a new adventure: finding a safe and all-natural solution to armpit problems.

Going back to Singapore, her first-ever deodorant was formulated. All handcrafted and made from all-natural and plant-based ingredients suitable for the tropical weather. She tested to make sure it works well and the feedback was positive.

Fast-forward to today, Jomingo has seen many happier and satisfied customers from her humble creations! One brand that started from home is now the talk of not just one but numerous people whose lives have been improved since they started using natural deodorants made by Jomingo!

MARY- Makeup Coach @maryvictorofficial, a known makeup artist and instructor and also popular for her IGTV episodes Body Talk, talks about her experience using Jomingo deodorants.

" is a MUST HAVE. I have been using these products almost on the daily at home and I'm honestly really in love with firstly the packaging. SO UNIQUE and it's ZERO PLASTIC WASTE not to mention that the containers they come in are reusable!!"

Aside from using natural and plant-based ingredients, the Founder chose to use zero plastic packagings. The eco-friendly tube is beautifully designed too! It brings colours to your everyday life and easy to use.

Later on, the Founder launched a new product under her line. The Natural and Vegan Hand Balms that like the deos, are also made from natural and plant-based ingredients with a non-stick formula for happy hands. 

And it didn't disappoint @cherylpang_ - a charming and awesome mom to twins whose experience she had shared with us:

"My girls and I love the smell of these hand balms (as well), it's so fresh and refreshing. I can smell it all day! Just nice my hand creams are all used up, these came at the right time!"

Another wonderful mom, @donkeying also shared her satisfaction and very happy to share it!

"I liked that they are all-natural and eco-friendly- right down from the ingredients to its biodegradable packaging and reusable bag. It's also super safe for use esp with babies around (#onlymomsunderstand). Here's to supporting local brand!"

It is indeed safe to use even for your kids or pre-teens. If you're a mom, you may wonder if it's okay to give deodorants to your kids, well here is your answer! So long as you choose products that are carefully formulated, safe, aluminium free and and without harmful chemicals like Jomingo Deodorants.

And if you're looking for an effective deodorant that helps get your body odour away, @cherraexoxo has something to say...

"I'm not gonna hide, but I have been having body odour since young till now!

In the past, I wasn't advised to use deodorants by my mum with scares of cancer...But in this age and time, I definitely got to use them if I don't want to get shunned.

The scents are lovely, and make me feel like I just had a bath! And on days I want to put on my perfume, I'll use the Unscented one!"

Here's our favorite - a review from remarkable @melissasarahwee, a Bodybuilding Champion!

"The only savage about this is how amazing you're gonna smell.

I'm not paid to post this and neither do I get a commission if someone buys this. I'm simply sharing a product that I've been using which works for me."

Choose wisely. But if you're looking for an all natural deodorant, Jomingo products are worth a try. It is the best deodorant for sensitive skin and the best deodorant for smelly armpits.

See for yourself.