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Why Natural Deodorants play an essential part in cooling your body?

Why Natural Deodorants play an essential part in cooling your body?

Many of us use conventional drug store deodorants like spray on and roll-ons since they are everywhere, in supermarkets and health & beauty stores.

Unlike natural deodorants, these well-known antiperspirants are common and cheap to purchase and are filled with chemical astringents, for example, zinc and aluminium, as well as parabens that block up your sweat pores to prevent sweat or smell. If you think this sounds unnatural, well, it is.

Sweating, especially in Singapore's heat, plays an essential part in your body's thermoregulation. To put it simply, sweating is your body's way of cooling down and getting rid of excess heat. It also is necessary so that your body can detox itself of heavy metals, eliminate chemicals and get rid of bacteria. Sweat in itself is odourless, it is the bacteria that live on your skin's microbiome that causes the odours when sweat comes into contact with it.

Now that you see why sweating is essential, you can also understand why antiperspirants that block sweat pores can be potentially harmful.

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, are made with the purpose of targeting the bacteria on your skin that causes such odours. Natural deodorants neutralise the smell that the bacteria produces. This means that with natural deodorants, your body can function naturally, as it should, while still smelling good and fresh!

At Jomingo, our natural deodorants are made with this in mind. Starting from an allergic reaction to a conventional antiperspirant, our founder, Jun, decided to make an all-natural ingredient deodorant that allowed her to sweat while still keeping the odours in control for herself. This all-natural deodorant took off as friends and family of hers who tried it realised it too, had worked for them. This then sparked the launch of our natural deodorant, a 100% vegan, natural product with clean natural ingredients.



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